All shook up the musical lyrics, all shook up

All Shook Up lyrics

Jim and Chad suddenly realize they are both in love with the same woman. Arts Industry Broadway Theatre News. She rushes off in pursuit of Chad.

Can't Help Falling In Love. Chad is excited, and he immediately asks Ed to be his new sidekick. As the heartbroken Jim slinks off, Ed enters, and after a short argument, Sandra agrees to leave Ed with Chad. Chad runs off, and Ed runs off after him.

All Shook Up (musical)

Log in to add yourself as a fan! Gonna Get Back Home Somehow. Ed confesses his love for Chad, meet group but he then takes off his hat and reveals to everyone that he is actually Natalie. Advice and opinions from theatre industry experts.

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Dean, the son of Mayor Matilda, enters to tell Lorraine that he thinks she's beautiful. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! Lovers meet, woo, pursue, and more, all in one zany night that will change the town forever.

Take your performing arts career to the next level Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, when should i get monologues and more! Theatre Quizzes All Quizzes. From The Album Play album.

The Passionate Pilgrim To the Queen. Dean and Lorraine run off into the night. Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Search all theatre characters. However, after some persuasion, Natalie agrees to make Chad her sidekick. Angered with his discovery of Sandra's feelings for Ed, Chad is about to hit him, but he realizes that he can't. Languages Italiano Nederlands Edit links. Ed tells Chad that in order to avoid jail, he should hide in the abandoned fairgrounds just outside town.


Chad All Shook Up - Musical. Watch the song video All Shook Up. The music of Elvis comes alive in All Shook Up. Explore quizzes about musicals, plays, operas and theatre writers.

Jim, now dressed like Chad, enters and asks Sylvia if she's seen Sandra. The Wonderful World Of Christmas. Jim tells Chad that he's in love with a woman who doesn't love him back.

All Shook Up (Musical) Plot & Characters

Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong. Career Education How-To Guides. The Showstopper Advice and opinions from theatre industry experts Advice and opinions from theatre industry experts. Research Playwrights, Librettists, country boy dating Composers and Lyricists. Where No One Stands Alone.

Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. One summer day in in a small Midwestern town. Outer Critics Circle Award. Jim confesses his love for Sandra, online but she doesn't even remember meeting him.

Twenty Days And Twenty Nights. Log in to add to your bookmarks! Discounted tickets for theatre productions. Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Arts Industry Broadway Education. An Overture to Musical Theatre Overtures. But Sylvia interrupts, and Dean rushes out.

All Shook Up

Are you a drama teacher or administrator looking to provide students with useful theatre research tools? Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley. Chad, Dennis and Natalie later meet at her garage, but Chad is soon distracted by the appearance of Sandra, trying to sing to her, but it doesn't work. Jim gives Sylvia a very surprising kiss, and a stunned Sylvia suddenly falls for him. One Broken Heart For Sale.

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All Shook Up Lyrics

ALL SHOOK UP CHORDS (ver 2) by Elvis Presley

  1. But Chad enters, as does Dean with Lorraine.
  2. Despite the circumstances, Jim can't handle this revelation, and he rushes off.
  3. After a short argument between Dennis and an out-of-character Ed, Dennis agrees.
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All Shook Up the Musical Lyrics

All Shook Up lyrics

Explore quizzes about musicals, plays, operas and theatre writers Browse Theatre Quizzes Earn points and achievements! Missing lyrics by Elvis Presley? Don't keep it to yourself! That's When Your Heartaches Begin.

Well a bless my soul, what's wrong with me? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Steadfast, Loyal And True. Group subscriptions are now available for academic institutions! Earl speaks for the first time and professes his love for Matilda.

On A Snowy Christmas Night. As Chad bemoans Sandra's lack of attraction to him Dennis comes up with an idea. Arts Industry Broadway Musicals. For other plays relating to Elvis Presley, see also Cooking with Elvis.


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  • Matilda promises to throw Chad in jail for what he has done.
All Shook Up Broadway Musical Original
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