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If anyone knows if this has already been solved in some available copy, please let me know. You always can submit a bug if something doesn't work as expected. There are few and almost all of them are too expensive. In other words, as the last node in the current level.

But it is a bit complex for me. As I remember, LipingShare. You can use either context menu or toolbar.

Can we have the source code? Also, what kind of configuration you are expecting?

When you operate with nodes, internal raw data and hex viewer are updated accordingly. As usually, it is completely free. The user needs to make sure the edited data conforms to certain constrains i.


You can save this view to a file as a text, or as a pure binary copy converted from pasted text. This window maintains internal data source, so changes here are not reflected in main tree view. Main Features Main features in most are the same.

By default, hex viewer is collapsed and can be opened by toggling the button in the toolbar. It is however not possible to read nodes with an indefinite length. Operations with nodes You can cut, copy and paste existing nodes. Explicit value presentation depends on data type.

Regards, Liping lipingsharemail gmail. While, for my tool it is a matter of seconds on the same hardware. Alternatively, you can open external file or paste text from clipboard. Liping Dai Software Developer Senior. You can save this information to a file and print, if necessary.

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When you open data converter, data source from main tree view is copied to data converter window. This library I wrote, is very fast and memory efficient. For example, if you are editing numeric strict, the code verifies whether all characters in the text are valid for numeric string. This includes transitional byte if any.

IntroductionASN.1 Editor

Main Features

Very similar, iphone 4 games 2011 so existing editor users will not face problems while using my own if they wish to use new editor. The encoded data is not readable by regular text editors. Hex viewer panel contains two toggle buttons. This window provides TreeView textual visualization.

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Tree View text visualizer with decoded primitive type value. Super cool tool, it would be better if you would publish some articles about asn parsers. Also, you can print current view.

Unfortunately, the project is no longer developed. Old tool has unacceptable slow performance. When you paste text from clipboard, you need to click Validate button, so converter will attempt to decode the pasted data format. It's too bad that this seems to be the only place to find it anymore.

ASN.1 Editor - CodeProjectMain Features

For many types, textual value is displayed and allowed for input. This feature allows to decode strings without having to save them in files. The rest code base is completely new and is not based on original WinForms project. New tool is written by using Windows Presentation Framework and is compiled under. Data is saved as a binary copy of the entire selected structure, including tag header and full tag payload.

Software Developer Senior. You can use it to avoid using Windows Forms. Articles Quick Answers Messages. Currently sources are available on demand.

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Hex data viewer in previous tool, hex data viewer was a separate window. You can cut, copy and paste existing nodes.