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Bible commentaries

Meyer also likes to include important bibliographic material which was integral to his studies and research. Preferences Subscriptions Lists. The Gnomon of the New Testament is still one of the books most valued by expositors of the New Testament. God's law of Love - by Philip Smith.

Bible commentaries

One of his effective teaching methods is short, profound comparisons and contrasts. Ironside's Notes on Selected Books H.

Pastoral & Easy to Read

Though passed over by the biographical sketches of influential theological writers, his notes on the New Testament continue to be quite popular even today. Life Without Law - by Philip Smith.

These writers also represent every important branch of Protestantism. Parker was pre-eminently a preacher, and his published works are chiefly sermons and expositions. Coffman presents a verse by verse look at God's Word. Christ has Everything that you Need - by Helen Pocock. Come in, and receive God's Promises!

Good News for Everyone - by Marion Adams. He lived to complete it only as far as to the end of the Acts, but after his death other like-minded authors prepared the remainder from Henry's manuscripts.

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He had been for almost sixty-five years a minister, entirely devoted to his calling. He devoted himself closely to philosophy and theology, studying constantly and zealously. Letter of Joy - by Hilda Bright.

The Lord is King - by Philip Smith. Hundreds of times per year, even today, Lange is quoted and cited in dissertations and books.

It contains aids to help understand every verse. However, due to the high cost of reprinting, College Press, the publisher of these timeless treasures, has chosen not to reprint but instead offer them electronically for free.

Technical & Semi-technical

One of the leading authorities in the Church of Christ, Dr. Ryle's Expository Thoughts on the Gospels J. Rather, they are a chapter-by-chapter study with explanations of the most important and instructive verses in each chapter. In the Desert - by Marion Adams.

Bible commentaries

This seven volume magnum opus by Charles H. Luke's Good News - by Hilda Bright. God's Lessons from History - by Philip Smith. They are written by some of the most knowledgeable theologians in church history. Even today it is still hold a place in literature as a work of superior merit.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge has provided a cross-reference resource for Bible students worldwide for generations. Constable's seminary students, sajjad ali 87 songs are intended to help you to better understand the Bible. Bible students disagree about the meaning and purpose of this book. Written in EasyEnglish by MissionAssist.

God rules History - by Ian Mackervoy. Christ has made us Free - by Helen Pocock. Before Christ Edersheim Flavius Josephus more. When Jesus Christ comes - Ian Mackervoy.

This one volume work took the author, John W. It includes short essays which cover one verse, sometimes two, at a time that the authors view as important and relevant.

Kretzmann, as it is popularly known, has been out of print for quite some time. Danger from False Teachers - by Norman Hillyer.

Mackintosh's Notes on the Pentateuch C. Other translations will be referenced as necessary for clarity regarding a word or phrase.