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  1. She appears in a minor supporting role in season seven for two episodes, coming to New York to expose Rich for trying to rekindle their relationship behind Jade's back.
  2. She ignites an intense feud with Chrissy after pursuing Jim for a musical collaboration.
  3. Erica and Bow Wow separated just months after she quit the series.

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Seasons seven and eight chronicle the dramas between his artists at his record label, Gwinin. While looking for a manager to kickstart her music career, she engages in some flirty banter with Snoop, sparking an altercation with Snoop's girlfriend J. These secondary cast members appear in green screen confessional segments and for the most part have the same amount of screen time and storyline focus as the show's main cast members.

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The first season chronicles her struggles with Jim's commitment issues, and her strained relationship with his mother, Nancy. She also says that she doesn't view Sky as Drewski's girlfriend and that she'll do as she pleases until he decides that he wants to be with Sky only and stop flirting with her. The season chronicles their blossoming romance, her first relationship with a woman. Although the ordeal has taken a toll on him, Papoose is more concerned with Remy's welfare and keeping her spirits up.

During the season, his baby mama Miracle faces legal issues after shooting her husband in a domestic dispute. Dollaz is introduced as Olivia's long term manager. Rah did not return to the show after the sixth season's reunion special, reportedly after falling out with Remy. Remy spent six and a half years in prison for shooting a former friend of hers over a financial dispute. Mendeecees says he and Samantha were only friends and that they were only involved for seven years and that her timeline is off.

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  • They break up later in the season, after she discovers that he has been cheating on her with Cardi B and Rose.
  • Adrienne also explains her displeasure with what she deemed as inappropriate behavior on the part of Snoop, particularly her association with Sofi Green.
  • During the season, she clashes violently with Precious Paris and Diamond Strawberry.
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At the reunion, Cardi throws a shoe at her, but later apologises. At the sixth season reunion, while Tara is pregnant with Peter's baby, she reveals that she too is pregnant by Peter. Her mother is Miracle Kaye Hall, how long until you who also appears on the show.

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She joins the cast with Peter in season four. He is friends with both Bri and Bianca and attempts to act as a mediator between the two. At the seventh season reunion, Drewski proposes to Sky and she accepts. She is introduced as a rival of Kimbella's, which stems from their days competing for modelling jobs, and the two get into a violent altercation in her first episode.

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During the first season, Chrissy proposes to Jim and the two become engaged. Her violent antics threaten to derail her career in season eight when a rival from her past, rapper Brittney Taylor, comes to New York. The couple break up during the course of the season. From Wikipedia, dating a lost love the free encyclopedia.

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Ayisha appears in a minor supporting role in season eight. Olivia was publicly critical of her portrayal on the show, most notably regarding a storyline involving her relationship with her mother. She joins the supporting cast in season seven. He was born in Harlem to an African-American mother and Dominican father.

As the argument continues, cast member Mariahlynn chimes in on Cisco's behalf, leading the host, Nina Parker, to inquire about Mariah's own problems with Rich. After falling out with Rich, Cisco was let go from the show. The New Jersey native says she's upset at Rich Dollaz for speaking ill of her and her music and feels he's holding a grudge against Cisco. At the season's reunion, she professes her love for Rich, and reveals that the two have been in a secret, on-again-off-again relationship for eight years. At the season's reunion, Mariahlynn professes her love for Rich, and reveals that the two have been in a secret, on-again off-again relationship for eight years.

While filming the show's sixth season, Mendeecees is sentenced to eight years in jail and turns himself in. During the season, he involves himself in the conflict between Chrissy and Somaya. Subsequent seasons are hosted by Nina Parker.

Things come to a head between the parties and a brawl erupts between the women before the first part of the reunion abruptly ends. Any scenes she filmed never made it to air. Raqi did not return to the show after the season's reunion special. The night of Drewski and Sky's launch event has arrived and Cardi B and Mariah Lynn are at the launch and have conspired to get the truth about the record that Sky suggested Mariah Lynn get on.

The first two seasons chronicle her struggles to comeback in the music industry after a series of career misfires. At the reunion, it is revealed in a deleted scene that he hooked up with Mariahlynn. Yandy appears briefly in an uncredited cameo in the first season, during Chrissy's proposal party.

He also admits to cheating on Samantha with Erika and he says that he never said that he loved her or vice versa. He filmed scenes during the show's second season while dating Olivia, however, their scenes together were cut and released on the show's website as bonus material. She joins the supporting cast in season seven as the girlfriend of Snoop, who she has been dating for two years. Towards the end of the season, she begins dating her longtime friend Ray Stacks, who she introduces at the fifth season reunion. The break includes Snoop focusing on her own career, which means helping Sofi Green get her feet wet in the entertainment industry.

The series has a large ensemble cast. After multiple altercations between the two girls, Yandy severs their business relationship for good. Mariah Lynn catches up with Cardi B and the two fill each other in on the recent events in their life. She worked as a stripper for five years, and rose to fame as a social media personality for her video posts on Instagram and Vine.

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The third and fourth seasons chronicle her and Joe's on-again, off-again relationship. At the reunion, while defending her sister, she gets into a brawl with Major Galore. She appears in a minor supporting role in the third season, which chronicles the demise of her relationship with Joe when he reunites with his ex, Tahiry. The season chronicles her struggles as a single parent. It is eventually revealed that she has been struggling with mental illness, and been in and out of mental health facilities for the past few months.

Stay tuned for the final reunion episode next week. During the season, she reveals that she had sex with Yandy's boyfriend, Mendeecees, years earlier, sparking a rivalry between the two women. During the season, he also gets into a physical altercation with Snoop.

Over the years, several supporting cast members have been upgraded to lead. Winter was phased gradually out of the show during the season, making a brief appearance at the season's reunion special, where she reveals she is pregnant. Cardi presses for an explanation of the root of Asia's disdain for her, but fails to receive one, dating matrix for guys causing her to chalk it up to Asia being judgmental of her due to her past as a stripper.

Erica refused to film onstage with the other cast members during the season's reunion special, announcing that the season would be her last. She reportedly filmed scenes with her girlfriend Lady Luck for the show's eighth season, however their scenes never made it to air. Drewski can only help to attempt to do damage control, california laws dating minors but the milk has already been spilled and decisions will soon have to be made.

Adrienne and confides in Juelz Santana for advice on juggling her relationship and being in the industry. Papoose makes an open plea to any doctors watching the show who may have information for them or are able to assist them in any way. When asked why she pushed for Cardi to consider dating Swift, Cardi's sister Hennessy says that she feels that Swift is a great guy and that he treats her, Cardi and their family with respect. Juju attends Remy and Papoose's wedding in the season six finale and appears briefly in an uncredited cameo. She grew up in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn and gave birth to Samantha as a teenager.

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