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So if you are keen to meet and date men from Belgium, here is a brief account of what you can expect. Interested in making new friends? Their dependability and calm nature can make them great partners in times of crisis.

It was a mixture of surprise and disgust. Rather be turned out in smart yet feminine dresses so that your guy notices and appreciates your sense of style. In this way, Belgians can be incredibly romantic. Likewise, showing up in torn-jeans or very casual clothes to a date will unlikely impress a Belgian man. Humble mumble Okay, so a Belgian man is rather introvert, monster goes speed humble and prefers to brush off problems rather than talk openly about them.

Belgian Men - Single men from Belgium

Not only do they look good, they are also nice and smart too! Wedding bands tend to be simple, no diamonds. This is perhaps his way of making sure of what kind of partner he wants in life and whether he is ready to move forward in a relationship. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But the meeting itself is informal, dating cosy and not a big deal.

  • You can read more about the diamond history of Antwerp here.
  • Belgian men are hard-working but also know how to enjoy a good work-life balance and dedicate time to their family.
  • Often only one ring acts as both wedding ring and engagement ring.

Dating Belgian Men - Meet Single Guys from Belgium

A guide to dating Belgian women and Belgian men - Expat Guide to Belgium
Dating a Belgian Man

Thank you for your cheerful message, it is lovely to hear my writings were funny. They are also curious about the world, and their fluency in many languages makes it easy for them to travel and you to travel with them if languages are not your thing. For them preparing and laying out food is a fine art and its consumption is no less than appreciation of an aesthetic venture. In this respect, losing your temper with Belgian women or raising your voice can be the quickest path to a break-up.

What are Belgian Men Like - Dating Guys from Belgium

Silvy De Bie is a Belgian singer often found on lists of the most beautiful Belgian women. Thank you for your message. Thus here like their female counterparts, men take great pride in their appearance and some are even keen followers of styles and trends in the world of fashion.

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Because of these variations, Belgium has three official languages French, Dutch and German. Gent is about helping people integrate when moving to Ghent from abroad, not so much about solving love life queries. This is not only so that you come off as well-informed but because unlike say Austria or Denmark, Belgium is not a homogenous country with one national identity. Hard-working and prudent Belgian men are not believed to be the most passionate or even imaginative of lovers.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With a Belgian Guy
Free dating in Belgium - Belgian men s gallery

Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Okay, so a Belgian man is rather introvert, humble and prefers to brush off problems rather than talk openly about them. And koffie koekjes and croissants are a must for a lazy weekend brunch.

  1. So if you your Belgian boyfriend is coming to pick you up for a date, make sure you get ready well ahead in time.
  2. They are very social and can small talk anyone under the table, because they are always up to date with current affairs, culture, religion, history etc.
  3. Thus unlike men from some cultures where sporting a two-day stubble and grubby nails is a masculine thing, men in Belgium are very particular about their grooming.
  4. By no means give chrysanthemums, as they symbolise death.
  5. But even though it takes a long time before you meet the future in-laws, you will need to kiss them many times when you do.
  6. Your hands should also stay on the table during the whole meal, and never in your lap.

Join us Careers Get in touch Write for us. But while you are out on a dinner date with him take special care of your table manners. While reading the text, i was laughing because most of them are true based from the chats we had. This is evident both in their personal appearance as well as social context. Belgian men are known to be polite, soft-spoken and courteous.


But dating a Belgian guy is not all hard work and no play. Here are some tips to dating in Belgium. Belgian dating has shifted to the digital world like elsewhere, as online dating in Belgium and dating apps have increasingly become popular. Likewise Belgians are extremely particular about cleanliness in their surroundings. Belgian women tend to marry early and in some homes traditional gender roles play out.

It is common for Belgians to consider all aspects before taking a decision and your boyfriend may be no different. Hope our other posts will help you settle in. You may change your settings at any time.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Thus you can count on your Belgian guy to take you to the places where the best chocolates and finest liquor are served. Do you have more experiences about dating a Belgian? Rather take your time to appreciate the food and better still appear dainty and ladylike in your table manners.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With a Belgian Guy - Travel Pray Love

Foreigners marrying Belgians may have to go through extra paperwork procedures to get a marriage approval. Good manners and presentation are also key when looking to impress someone, especially when dining. Indeed to women who are more used to the informal and spontaneous ways of south European or Latin cultures, Belgian men can even seem distant and formal.

Belgian Men

They are neatly and yet fashionably turned out with their sense of style probably a French influence. Belgians like to stick to the time for appointments and turning up late is a mark of rudeness and lack of responsibility. In this context the image of the most famous Belgian of detective fiction, Hercule Poirot comes to mind. Different cultures around the world place different appreciation on what qualities make someone desirable. Belgians are also particular about their surroundings, and take pride in clean and well-maintained homes, alexandria mn as well as organisation in their social lives and careers.

A guide to dating Belgian women and Belgian men

Belgium is a small country in Western Europe that is bordered by larger neighbors like Germany and France. The southern part is known as Wallonia and is mainly French culturally while the northeast has more of German influence. Your choices will not impact your visit. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience.

These and more are the things to deal with when falling in love with a Belgian man. This is despite the fact that nearby Antwerp is considered the diamond capital of the world. If you'd like to join us, contact us at hello thesquare. Thus appearing careless or irresponsible in your habits or manners are not generally attractive traits to Belgian men or women.

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In fact, being courteous to everyone and waiting your turn in all interactions of social life is the premise that holds together Belgian culture. Hes so sweet and nicw we love each other so badly but I dont know what to do. Instead of divorcing, couples who are in business together may remain legally married in order to protect their assets, while maintaining separate households with new partners. So ladies, do not expect lavish dinners and big chocolate boxes. Read about getting married in Belgium.

What might be considered romantic, polite or respectful back home, might not be well received when dating in Belgium. Before you jump into the Belgian dating game, understanding Belgian women and Belgian men can do wonders for your love life. And I learned quickly that the only right place to get bread is from the local bakery.

In my own personal opinion you are both adults and should do what you want. And yet it is has its own political, financial and cultural importance as evident from the fact that the Belgian capital city Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union parliament. Yet another aspect of their regard for order is punctuality.

Yet Belgians are not renown for being overly passionate or touchy-feely, although they make up for it by generally being hard-working and solid in nature. Share on Google Plus Share. Guest author Guest authors are expats and Gentenaars who enjoy spreading the word about Gent to the world. Your feet should never be put on chairs or tables. However what your Belgian guy may be lacking in fire and passion, services dating he will most likely make up with this hard working and stolid nature.

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