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This section of the site takes a closer look at the equipment employed by the warrior. Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana sword by Nagamitsu. All fittings are consistent with a late war piece. Its purpose was to be used as a weapon for fighting indoors where there are restricted confines and where wielding a Katana would be more difficult.

It takes an expert to find out the age of a sword. Horimono carved near the tip. It is a metal piece located at the base of the handle. Each blade has a story to tell and it is told by its various characteristics.

The fittings are Japanese Imperial army type. Sword - Naval Japanese Samurai Katana sword. The Tsuba is nicely decorated. Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana sword made by Tomoshige.

So, when translating or transliterating sword date inscriptions, it is best to read them as a numeric month rather than converting them into a Gregorian month. The presence of one of these last two may imply that the smith was not a native of that particular province. From the big screen to the small screen. Understanding the Samurai sword can be a complicated task.

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Rebellion style mountings. Katana often comes with a wakizashi and a tanto. The first task then is identifying the mei on the blade.

Old samurai swords prices worth appraisal

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There are many eras, so the reading of the first two characters should be carefully researched to give you an approximation of the date. Paul Martin Leave your thoughts. The blade is in good condition and has a Bohi on both sides.

Traditional wrapping with a metal scabbard. The era names changed frequently due to superstitions and religious beliefs. Here is a link to a list of nengo to help you on your way. Retains original brown paint.

Japanese Sword Katana Sword Fitting New

Below is a chart of the basic numbers used for days and months. There were more swords in the United States than in Japan after the war. Mounted in a wooden storage container. The mei is always written on the nakago such that it faces outwards away from the body when the sword is being worn. This medium sword is usually partnered to a katana.

How to Read Date Inscriptions on Japanese Swords


Studying The Sword

The scabbard is wrapped to match the handle. This section of the site provides various examples. The tang has a single hole.

It too, was thrust edge-upward through the girdle. The blade is mounted in a storage container. However, you need to be prepared to shoulder the cost. The menuki is the shape of a leaf.

The pommel has a beautifully executed crane. Sword - This is a Wakisashi sword produced for tourists. The small stature made it ideal for close combat fighting where wielding a large sword is not an option. Bohi carvings on both sides of blade. Always remember that the price set during an appraisal, by you or with a professional, is simply an opinion of its potential worth.

These swords are all mass produced. In many cases the officers would have their swords drawn out in an effort to kill American soldiers. The Samurai warrior always carried a pair of sheathed swords - one long and one short - with the types carried depending upon the occasion.

Antique samurai sword value

The handle is wrapped in the weather-proofed format. More importantly, samurai swords are works of art. Slight rusting, shallow dents and scratches anywhere on the blade except the sharp edge will not decrease its price. The tang also has seven markings.

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  1. Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana sword.
  2. If any money depends on the information you hope to find here e.
  3. The base of the handle has several markings.
  4. The numbers are also used in combination to produce greater values.
  5. Before the implementation of the Gregorian calendar the Japanese used the lunisolar calendar.

However, this dating system was abandoned after the war. Certain patterns of file marks on the tang are also distinctive, aiding the expert in determining the authenticity and dating of the sword. First, there are three basic types of archaic Japanese dating to be considered.

  • The actual value of your samurai sword is the amount that the collector is willing to pay for it.
  • This section of the website explores such items and provides the collector with a better understanding of some of the other edge weaponns employed by the Japanese.
  • The handle and scabbard are of traditional type.
  • This page provides the visitor with a break down of the anatomy of the armor along with a brief history of its use.

The Wakisashi sword was the medium size sword employed in battle by the Samurai. The smith began by coating the entire blade with a thin layer of a clay, sand and powdered-charcoal mixture. For this pre-assessment, you only need to check the metal of the blade. The stamp consists of a factory logo.

Antique samurai sword value

The resulting billet of metal was then folded upon itself and hammered out again to its original length and thickness. The manufacturing of the sword is an art that remains live and well in Japan. This is a medium grade Gendaito.

Then, flat silk braid is wrapped over the hilt in a pattern which leaves a row of lozenge-shaped openings on either side, dating website create exposing the white ray skin. This is a non-matching numbers example. It has not been shortened. Where we receive new items on a regular basis. The handle has a traditional wrapping.

JAPANESE SWORD - Zodiacal Dating System

The scabbard section is marked with black Japanese characters. Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana sword made by Nagamitsu. The fear and respect which the Japanese warrior and his sword inspired among Oriental foes is recorded in many contemporary accounts.

Japanese Sword Katana Sword Fitting New

By self-appraising your samurai sword, you can pre-determine its price which will serve as a factor when choosing between having it professionally-appraised or not. The sword has many components and a very rich history. Quite often a blade will have an inscription on both sides of the nakago. In many cases, when defeat was inevitable, they would launch a suicide attack known as the banzai charge. This connection was leveraged by American intelligence to create posters that would evoke patriotic sentiment among the public.

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