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Andatvam kammakamunde ugratha digiraka munde. Abrahamana devare ninage Kannada Christian song lyrics.

Sthuthiku yokianu Magime ninage Nanna karagalethi Enthu ninnane aaradhipe. He did his doctorate in theology and was awarded another honorary doctorate from Agra university. He encourages students to study well and he himself set up a good example by completing his masters degree in mathematics and theology.

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Adhbuthagalu maduvanu Athishayagala maduvanu Nannesu rajanu Nanagagi Ee dhena. He preaches not only in large crusades but also in streets and marketplaces.

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Terachiundi teerpudvram marpu leni vari kosam. He recognized that God called him to shine the light of his love, salvation and deliverance into the people's lives so that they can be free to enjoy their God- given inheritance.

John Wesly had a vision and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour at the age of fifteen. And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soulbut rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell Songs latest. Durdinamulu rakamunde sarvam koolipokamunde. He preaches in his own church Christ Worship Centre where many people are experiencing the power of God. Sagipoyina needavaniti jeevitam aplapmainade niiti budugavantidi Terachiundi teerpudvram marpu leni vari kosam Patala vedanalu tappinichukolanalevu A gora baadalu vanrinpajaalavu.

Patala vedanalu tappinichukolanalevu A gora baadalu vanrinpajaalavu. His preaching has a unique concept and presentation.

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He helps his father Pastor. Sagipoyina needavaniti jeevitam aplapmainade niiti budugavantidi.

He wanted to do a job a earn money and support his parent's ministry until he received a higher call from God.

Music Track- Sree Yesu Raajunake. John wesly is a good script writer. The scientific proofs about the bible shown by him in the meetings have brought astonishing number of non- Christians into Christ. Joseph Vijaya Kumar in every aspect by giving his full cooperation.

Ella ollede aguvudu deva Kannada Christian song lyrics. He is a good film maker and shows Christian films and documentaries in the rural and urban areas captivating the minds of many people and leading them into the love of Christ. Sthuthise haduve nenna Kannada Christian song lyrics. John Wesly was born and brought up in a Good Christian family.

Vishvashinchu yesuni vidichipettu papanni. His desire to reach the masses through the media led him to start a program called Bible Wonders which has not only attracted a lot to Christ but also instincts them to read this precious Word daily. John Wesly is an enthusiastic preacher, singer and composer. Cherchuko yesuni alasyam cheyaka.

Usiriruva dinavella naa maduve Kannada Christian song lyrics. Telugu Christian song lyrics. Kannada Christian song lyrics. He writes articles for the Christian news papers and his own magazine called Krupa Vaartha which has been reaching, sims game for online touching and teaching many lives and homes. He travelled hundreds of villages and cities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and won thousands of souls for God already.

Nee Bhaaram Yehovah Meeda. Prabhu Yesu Ninu Pilavaga. They not only get rid of their addictions but also take a decision to help others come to the Lord by sharing Gods love. Aaradisuva aathma swaroopana Aanandha goshathodanu Sthothragala eknavanu Arpisuva yesuvige. Yesukristu prabunaMde undi neeku rakshna.

Adhbuthagalu maduvanu Kannada Christian song lyrics. Tolaginchu bramalanni kanugonunu satyanni. Aaradisuva aathma swaroopana kannada Christian song lyrics. Smarichu rakshakuni anukula samayamuna.

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After hearing him talk many educated students started reading the word in a scientific and research oriented method. He has composed many beautiful and melodious songs enriched with love of God which transforms the minds and hearts of those who hear them. Yesaiah yesuve Kannada Christian song lyrics.