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He can still do much much better as he has the potential to perform. We doing some work there but builder is taking too long time. It also means the supreme energy of force guiding us from the highest world. Definitely felt a happy and positive energy.

Satyaa sings Kundalini Yoga Mantras by Satyaa. One can use this Mantra to ensure the well being of a particular state or a city.

Song of Soul by Siri Sadhana Kaur. He afraids of dark and doesnt want to sleep alone. Guru-dev, I do access alike Ws like yours. Bless her with smartness nd intelligence and may she be d best in whatever she do. It is experienced as emptiness of the Universe.

Pranam, I would like to attend the en eye meditation, where can I find the schedule for next session, I live in Cal. She must have happiness always. Improve thioride function. After that I felt charged and light.

They Both Love each other from bottom of their hearts. The Aquarian Sadhana by Japa Kaur. This has different meanings. It is referred to the Mother Earth Divine Mother aspect of the creation. Ritu Nagrani My career growth that has come to standstill.

We could say it is the body of the Universe that is static. Please pray for success and good health.

May he have all the success! Shubh and Labh are personifications of auspiciousness and profit respectively.

Reciting with genuine devotion, Ganesh Mantra gives you positive results. Skeptical in leaving my family and lots of fear about my health and negatives thoughts are surrounding. The Pure Consciousness of the Universe that is infinite, omni-present manifesting power of the Universe.

Thank you Lord Ganesha and Sharat Sir. Ganesha, please shower financial abundance to our family and also good successful career to my son. The head of the Lord Ganesha symbolizes the aatma or the soul, which is considered the ultimate reality of humanity and his human body symbolizes Maya, yeh rishta kya kehlata hai songs star plus the trappings of earthly existence.

Let vivaan learn all slokhas or mantras. Reduced engagement with mobile. Please open door for my promotion. It can only be seen when it has become gross and has taken form. Their bond have more love and less fights.

Ambrosial Sadhana by Ravidass. Pls bless and heal him Sharat sir so that he scores well. Sharat sir, Thank u so much for your help. Electronic Mantra by Feather and Dot. Ananda Bliss, love and friendship nature of the Universe.

Rakshita Rohra for ocus and concentration in studies and choosing the right career for herself. Sadhana Samadhi by Divine Gurus.

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All auspiciousness and serenity is yours simply by chanting or listening to this magnificent Moolamantra. This Moolamantra has given great peace and joy to people all over the world, who have chanted, or even listened to it. Whenever you chant the Moolamantra even without knowing the meaning of it, that itself carries power.

Has a sibling coming in April and is not fully prepared to deal with the changes due. What is Laxmi Mantra Laxmi Mantra is a very useful and powerful mantra that can attract money, success, wealth, abundance, fame, and all other worldly desires. Nilesh n Vishesh and Rashmi.

The time will vary, so please let me know in advance so I can be sure to not miss it. Need His blessings for good mental and physical health pl.

Chanting of this mantra ensures success in all the new ventures that one wishes to undertake. Om also means inviting the higher energy. This Ganesh Mantra encourages modesty, righteousness and high-end wisdom in those who chant it.

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Please show me a perfect way to get rid off physical long distance and emotional distance in my love relationship. Also bless my relationship and guide me in my spiritual pursuits.

Mool Mantar Mp3

Thank you Thank you Thank you Divine. Sings Glorious Praises by Jaskaran. Thank you Lord in advance now and forever. It can be due to certain family problems he was not even allowed to go to the park or in any sports. Thank you thank you thank you in advance for our Blessings with much appreciation and gratitude, we bow in reverence.

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My parents and family members are very concerned about marriage. Plz bless her and she gets the desired seat for pediatrics in Mumbai. Tejas is doing his B Tech, first yr, Computer Science.

But when you know the meaning and chant with that feeling in your heart then the energy would flow million times more powerful. Healthy life for all my family members. It has the power to transport ones mind to the state of causeless love and limitless joy. Friend is worried bcoz she is not interested in her studies. Please download to your computer, if you plan to play it often.