Internet portal Linux portal Free and open-source software portal. For other uses, see Firefox disambiguation. Mozilla Developer Network. In the unbranded build the trademarked logo and name are replaced with a freely distributable generic globe logo and the name of the release series from which the modified version was derived.

Please follow these instructions to install Firefox. Log in to rate this extension. Make devices connected to the internet safe, secure and interoperable. Close Projects menu Common Voice Donate your voice to help make voice recognition open to everyone. Do not use this protocol without explicit written permission from Google.

The goal is to support websites using non-intrusive ways to advertise and to encourage more websites to do the same. Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as Firefox was before.

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More Than Hacks, Mods, and Customizations. Oregon State Linux Users Group. Dismiss Send abuse report. Get involved Join the fight for a healthy internet. Add-ons Learn how to customize the way Firefox works.

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Category Comparisons List. This is not a license to use the defined protocol. Firefox Nightly Preview the latest build of Firefox and help us make it the best.

The update also allowed users to block known fingerprinting scripts that track their activity across the web, however it does not resist fingerprinting on its own. Journal of Interactive Marketing. Firefox Beta Test soon-to-be-released features in our most stable pre-release build.

The new Firefox Meet Firefox Quantum. Mozilla software rebranded by Debian. Drag and drop features in and out of your toolbar for easy access.

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Lets you fix annoying sound problems in YouTube videos and such. Themes Make over Firefox to suit your mood! How does Phishing and Malware Protection work in Firefox? Firefox is regularly built for the current branch of the operating system, the latest versions are packaged for each -release and remain frozen until the next release.

They add features to Firefox to make browsing faster, smarter, or just plain fun. The replacement name, Firebird, provoked an intense response from the Firebird database software project. Web of Things IoT Make devices connected to the internet safe, secure and interoperable. Impulse Blocker Block distracting websites when you are browsing the web. The Aurora logo, of slender used to represent an alpha release.

Shortly afterwards, the Mozilla Foundation invited Garrity to head up the new visual identity team. Former Mozilla Organization Mozilla Foundation. This Firefox add-on arranges tabs in a vertical rather than horizontal fashion. Report this add-on for abuse.

Get Firefox on your Amazon Fire TV now with Turbo Mode

Comparison lightweight History List for Unix Usage share. Dials are synchronized through Cloud to all your devices! You can list websites that you don't want to visit in the settings. Discontinued projects are in italics. China Daily Information Co.

Iridium for YouTube YouTube with more freedom. Your Firefox Account Make the most of your Firefox experience, across every device. Your system doesn't meet the requirements to run Firefox.

Less time waiting around for pages to load? In the efficiency tests, Tom's Hardware tested memory usage and management. Some projects abandoned by Mozilla that are still maintained by third parties are in bold.

Switch from Chrome to Firefox in just a few minutes Switching to Firefox is fast, easy and risk-free. Speed Dial visual bookmarks with groups in your New tab page for power users! Hubs Meet people in experimental Mixed Reality chatrooms with Firefox. You can pause or turn off the blocker quickly.

Learn more about Firefox Accounts. Firefox and Thunderbird Garage. Mozilla Foundation and its contributors Mozilla Corporation. Firefox imports your bookmarks, autofills, passwords and preferences from Chrome.

Get Firefox on your Amazon Fire TV now with Turbo Mode