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Pay attention to the number of tools and effects provided, how easy they are to use, and the organization features of each program. Photo editing tools Apply basic edits in one click, like cropping, resizing, and fixing exposure.

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Start on our desktop app and finish on mobile. With this in mind, we looked for programs that made it easy to find the right tools on the first try. Edit a photo Start a free trial. It promises to never have any extra in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Apple Photos does those things too, though its automatic albums aren't as editable. Nothing says that pros can't occasionally use an entry-level application or that a prosumer won't be running Photoshop, the most powerful image editor around. Different types of image editing require different tools. The app offers typical editing tools such as color, exposure, sharpness, and crop tools.

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Such apps offer nondestructive editing, meaning the original photo files aren't touched. These filters are perfect for adding a vintage feel to your images. Boost colors, add interest, and create a mood with just a few clicks. This is a case where the apprentice becomes the master.

It has a good range of color and black and white filters for changing the look and feel of your image. Another good example is CyberLink PhotoDirector's Multiple Exposure effect, which lets you create an image with ten versions of Johnny jumping that curb on his skateboard, for example. If you're an absolute beginner in digital photography, your first step is to make sure you've got good hardware to shoot with, otherwise you're sunk before you start. You can download and install Photoshop on up to two computers, of monopoly regardless of the operating system.

Inadequate chromatic aberration correction. However, each one is neatly packaged so that no matter what you want to do, you can quickly find and open the relevant folder.

There are both mobile and desktop versions of the software that you can download. Canva has two tiers, free and paid, but the free level is perfect for home users.

Many of these come pre-installed, and you can download more from the official glossary. These three programs were the closest competitors we could find, and all claim to offer similarly powerful tools. From powerful software packed with features that give Photoshop a run for its money to simple tools that give your pictures a whole new look with a couple of clicks, there's something for everyone. If we were background painting, we would want brush, color wheel, and texture modules open and close-at-hand. Upgrade Now Already have an account?

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Provided you have a reliable internet connection and don't mind the lack of plugins, this free web app is almost as powerful as the best free desktop photo editors. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that there are no hidden tricks to catch you out. Or click here to discover more of the best photo retouch apps! Put the focus on your subject Create a colored Vignette or use Funky Focus to blur everything but your subject, either way, the focus of your photo will always be on the subject. Click on the link inside email.

Here are 4 free alternatives to Photoshop for all your editing needs

Actions are also processed rapidly, allowing you to quickly assess whether your experiments are working. Of course, pros need more than this one application, and many use workflow programs like Lightroom, AfterShot Pro, or Photo Mechanic for workflow functions like import and organization. Pros Easy to use Helpful presets One-time purchase.

Gamers and creatives can also choose an upgraded configuration with discrete graphics. Rich set of drawing and typography tools. They can use the capable-enough Shotwell app. These edits don't involve simple filters like you get in Instagram. Whether you want to correct for lens warp, fix a jawline, or soften and blend areas of your photos - Our Reshape tool is the perfect BeFunky Plus feature to get the job done.

Slick interface with lots of help. Some operations still slow. And the double-exposure tool lets you create unique combinations of blended images. But what can you actually expect to see?

In this roundup, we've only included installable computer software, but entry-level photo shooters may be adequately served by online photo-editing options. You can add wonderful mood and visual interest to your iPhone photos in Mextures. PicMonkey's your all-in-one image editor for graphics, photos, and collages.

The best free photo-editing software

With an interface that betrays its mobile roots, Photoshop Express offers quick and easy access to slide bar adjustments and one-touch fixes for photos of all types. In order to start using your account you have to activate it. These are files that include every bit of data from the camera's image sensor.