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You can do this using jquery as follows. Any ideas on closing the mega menu on tablets?

JQuery MegaMenu 2

Is there a way to do that? This is easily seen and very distracting. Hi BlueUnicorn, The problem is taken care of in the plugin. Is there a simple way how to disable the alphabetical sorting of the links?

However, every time I click on the menu, it scales the height of the drop down mega menu. Demo layout is using table but most of the websites today are table-less and relative divs are necessary for positioning elements. Can't wait to see this customized menu all the way through to the end.

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In the markup by default keep the megamenu hidden. They just bounce around a bit when you are right below the border of the regular menu.

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Any help on this would be appreciated. Any help would be much appreciated. Using your plugin manually, it's easy, not so easy with a dynamic list. Tested the css, but no dice.

Hi Chichilatte, The timeout is only for hoverIn and not hoverOut. Double-click the theme you like to apply it. If you can send me link of you implementation I can check where exactly its conflicting with colorbox plugin. Hi, You can do it by hacking into the plugin core script. Thank you for reporting that you had a problem.

CSS3 Menu. Free CSS Menu Maker

First - amazing plug in, the more configurable one I've seen of this type! Thank you very much for your help in adavance. Hi - Great plugin - seriously the best around for mega menus! How come I can't control click on a menu item link? Is it possible to adjust the hover timeout?

Just manipulate the css to have it center aligned. Hey, Awesome script, just wondering how to add a current feature on to it, like i. Also, on your example page I see the same effect menu is not there, then it appears.

JQuery MegaMenu 2

Check the link to the jquery. You can use jQuery Effects Library to smooth the easing.

It would be great if next menu revision could be independent from parent div. Got the latest demo, works great. Hello, I would like to use mega menu however in order to do so at my company, I need details about the license under which this source code is covered. Can you please confirm that it will allow me to get all the new templates that have come out since I last updated?

The only issue is that it should be keyboard accessible. How do you allow right click of links in the menu? Sets the height of top menu. The megamenu is completely independent of the wrapper of-course.

Hi Rtvik, tv serials sites I would suggest you instantiate two different megamenus with different css class names. But we do not intend to add the feature to the megamenu.

Not tested very well, but could be a starting point for you. On other sites I have built, the iPad automatically converts the hover state to a click state so that the nav menu can be accessed on the touch based device. Is it possible to have a drop-up menu? This should solve your problem.

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The megamenu will adjust its position accordingly and optimize the screen real estate accordingly just try it out till your last menu item. Can you provide a link where this happens? The last problem have been sent to your email, please check it. Do have a look tho, thanxx Reply. Hi Sam, For checking id instead of class just use the condition jQuery this.

If I put the menu in the bottom of window, can I show the submenu above the mainmenu? Strangely the drop shadow remains. Hi, Great instructions and code, I was able to slip my table in easy as. Any advice would be appreciated.

Greetings from Germany Bruce Reply. Hello all, thank you for the plugin. Please send in a link to the current implementation to help me understand the scenario. Not examined, what the code does, and not tested very well, but it could be a starting point. After you complete the payment via the secure form, you will receive a license information instantly by email.

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Do let me know if you face any problem. Thank you for sharing this. Found some usability problems in the implementation. Hi, First a big thank you for this beautiful script.

Change the above in the core code. Disregard, this is not an issue, Reply. Please i am working on a website and i have been trying to have a mega menu embedded in it. Otherwise, do the opposite. You can but its not recommended.

If you are using the source code for a project you can directly use it without any problems. Is there anything you can think of that is causing that? Hi Vincent, The overlay effect can be implemented by editing the script.

How to create multiple megaMenu in one page? If I take the megamenu off the page I don't have the problem. Would appreciate it if you could guide me, where I should be looking at that for that adjustment. In Firefox my clicking around the page which has alot of select list, text boxes, radio buttons displays has no problem with selecting the appropriate item.

JQuery MegaMenu 2