Shirdi Sai Baba Bhajans Telugu

Sai, You are the Lord of the Universe in human form. Glory to the supreme guru, Lord Sai.


He sleeps on Shesha, the king of serpents. These musical instruments seem to reverberate the name of Sai Ram. He is filled with all virtuous qualities. Chant the names of the Lord Sai Giridhara uplifter of Govardha Mountain and resident of Gokul who sustains and nourishes the virtuous.

Recite the names of the Lord Krishna Hari constantly. Lord Vinayaka who is perfection himself bestows auspiciousness. He is the embodiment of divinity, and the Universal mother, father and teacher. Son of mother Gauri, You grant success to those who worship you. Singing their names gives endless and supreme happiness.

He is the adornment of the Raghu dynasty. Shower Your grace, O embodiment of divine energy, and mother of the Universe. Salutations to our Lord Shri Sai Ram.

The jewel of Ratnakara dynasty is the lotus-eyed Lord Narayana. The supreme Lord of Parthi is my very life-breath. Hari who is Sai Ram resides in Prashanti Nilayam and provides comfort and peace. Govinda, Narayana, Rama and Krishna.

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Glory of Shirdi and Prashanti Nilayam. He is Vishnu, and also Shirdi Sai who lived in Dwarakamayi. Worship Lord Sai of Puttaparthi and of Shirdi. Om Namo Baba Worship and install in your mind the feet of the Guru, otherwise, italian language learning books it is difficult to cross the ocean of life and death. Shirdi Sai Baba devotees experiences.

Please be with us, every moment of our life. Gopala, who held up the mountain, is the Lord of Meera a devotee.

Fill the heart with infinite bliss by realizing the highest Self. He resides in Parthi and in our hearts. You as Narayana prevent Pasa the noose of death from affecting your devotees. The elephant-faced Lord destroys obstacles and protects.

Krishna, Lord of Radha, who delights in playing the flute, fosters the Vedas. She is the embodiment of all the Vedas, the arts, knowledge and learning, and the repository of mercy and benevolence.

She is the delight of Shiva, and the divine mother who grants auspiciousness. Krishna, Janardhana Govinda, Narayana, Achyuta, all of which represent truth, knowledge and bliss. He is Lord Sai Rama of Puttaparthi. Without You there is darkness ignorance in my life.

Swing in the swings of our hearts, Lord Sai. He is the incarnation of the kali age. Glory be unto Lord Rama and Lord Sai. He who carried the mountain is Narayana, who slew the demon Mura in Krishna avatar. Sing the praise of Sai, and Rama, Dasharatha's Son.

He protects saints and sages who pay obeisance to Him. Without You, there is no one to protect us. Protect us, O Lord of Puttaparthi! Embodiment of love and divinity, with the effulgence equal to that of million suns, light in me the flame of divinity, knowledge and love.

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Praise be to Krishna, the Divine cowherd - known as Madhusudhana. He is the dweller in the temple of the heart, who incarnated to save the world. Recite the name of Sai who is the lover of all faiths.

Chant the name of Sai Ram. Bless us so we may sing Your glory with love and devotion. Worship Lord Sai Rama and Ghanashyama.

Lord Sai with the pure and sacred name is the indweller. He is the Lord residing in Mathura who held up the mountain to save the devotees. The cosmic dancer represents the entire creation. The charming Prince of the Raghu dynasty, and the savior of the fallen is worshipped by Hanuman. Pray to and always remember the auspicious Lord Rama, the beloved of Sita and the resident of Vaikuntha Heaven.

Greetings to the destroyer of Mahishasura representing evil. He wears fragrant Tulasi basil leaves, and is the divine flute-player worshipped by sages. Krishna and Sai are love incarnates and personify truth, knowledge and bliss.

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He endows us with love and devotion. Shankara, Lord of Girija, destroys the fear of the cycle of birth and death.

Sing in praise of the lingam that verily represents Lord Sai. Glory to you, the enchanting indweller of Radha's heart.