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Suresh Productions, People Media Factory. By doing so, you can help the fight against piracy. Actor Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya have teamed up first time for this romantic comedy. One day he - along with his three buddies - accidentally gets selected in police selections.

In the early stage of marriage, life was so beautiful and enjoyable but later on, Harika takes advantages over him and starts bothering him. The Last King Of Scotland.

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If you look hard enough and imagine a lot, you can actually see traces of him in Ravi Teja's performance. Meanwhile Yogendra Sharma knows about this and tries to prevent them reaching Raj Bhavan but they escape anyway as the day the appointment was Holi Festival of Colours. The rest of the story reveals what really happened that night. Sravani finally runs taking the cassette and Yogendra Sharma runs behind her with a gun to stop her. Not screening currently in any theatres in Hyderabad.

During the supposed night, Venky escapes from the Field Craft training and goes to rescue Sravani. They feel that they're fairly safe there, mp3 and music videos of songs for but soon realize that the real evil lies there - Ashutosh Rana speaking Telugu! This will save thousands of family working in the Telugu Film Industry in and around Hyderabad.

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In those photos, he observes that G. Promo Code will be sent in the mail.

For the Telugu film actor, see Daggubati Venkatesh. We will notify you when this movie is available for pre-booking. But sooner this movie might be available on other legal streaming websites given below.

From the very first chase sequence itself, the movie shows its true intentions - of not being stopped and being played from the beginning because you have walked in late for it. Bharath as he is a friend of Yogendra Sharma. Gajala Brahmanandam is a thief who might have robbed the camera that contains the video footage. Ravi Teja has really learnt from the Mega Star. Submit your Email address to Vote!

Purchasing mKoops are so easy! How much do you feel it was worth? Ahuti Prasad was murdered by Yogendra Sharma in order to save himself from a fake naxallite encounter after seeing the cassette. Dissatisfied with the results? But they hide under a table only to know that the murders were done by a hired killer by Yogendra Sharma, but their main objective was to kill Sravani.

Venky Mama Coupon Denominations Rs. Venky narrates his past as his marriage fixed by bureau with Harika Tammannah Bhatia. In the train, Venky sees a girl named Shravani and immediately falls in love with her. The second half somehow falls back a bit. Venkateshwarulu alias Venky is an unemployed youth who always wanders aimlessly with his friends in Vishakhapatnam.

If he proves them wrong then the whole family will become his slaves and somehow does it. His earlier forthcoming attitude is seen more in the songs, which, while being massy, are quite good.

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Venky Mama Movie Showtimes Review Songs Trailer Posters News & Videos

The music for the film is composed by S. Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila. Please wait while your transaction is being processed.

He also picks up a row in a state of inebriation with Sravani's father and another girl and threatens them that he would kill them. The slapstick situations are so comically gawky, all you wonder is where the hell these great comedy scriptwriters have been till now. There they find out that Sarat Kumar I. Filmography of Srinu Vaitla. The only real problem is the lack of his ability to keep up the good work for three full hours.

Sravani refuses the instant proposal of Venky. The prime suspects are Venky and his three friends because they had threatened to do that in the sloshed state the night before.

Ashutosh is not only trying to kill the language, but he's the one that killed Shravani's dad. He, after rescuing Sravani, shifts her to an old bungalow near the Police Academy and asks her to save herself, though not relying on him. Any trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. They plan to go there by train.

Venky generally gives all his nagging a cold shoulder, and does some cool stuff like singing mass numbers with hot actresses Raasi and gulping down oceanic levels of iced beer. Ravi Teja, though dropping his attitude, has not dropped his trademark accent.

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Sreenu Vaitla has shown his flair for cool comedy after a while. Venky and his friends get instructions to go to Hyderabad for training. Later the proofs are secured and the Four Friends are exonerated.

But his dad Tanikella Bharani is proactively hot-blooded about his loafing rambles. Ravi Teja Sneha Ashutosh Rana. At the gate of Raj Bhavan, Yogendra Sharma blocks the five with his henchmen. For instance, Venky commits to Shravani that he is utterly respectful towards elders. Just use the simple form below.

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