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The default view simply shows the name of your city, the temperature, and a graphic that indicates current weather conditions and time. This is not the widget to download if you are using a low-resolution monitor. Find More Posts by gregrocker. Originally Posted by gregrocker.

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Don't recommend it to anyone. The Weather Center one listed here is included in Gadgetpack. Seriously, not just a stupid answer, but offensively ignorant.

Unlike some other weather widgets, Weather Center does not have the option to display an extended forecast. The more interesting function, however, is the radar that appears when you make the widget huge. Gadgets have been discontinued by Windows so your links are no longer valid.

According to Microsoft Weather Channel is no longer avaible. The third screen displays a basic radar and the fourth screen will display a weather camera if one is available in your area. YoWindow - Weather with magic. There is a serious issue with the Widgets platform, browser mmorpg no that has been clearly stated before.

Weather - Windows 7 Desktop Gadget

Accu seems to work, but I see what you mean. Customization weather widget not connecting is anyone else having issues?

Still, if you want an easy-to-read widget with clear radar data this could be the one for you. There are many ways to find out about the weather, and one of them is your computer. As to why someone would want to run such an outdated and unsafe piece of software?

The Weather Channel widget also includes buttons for hour-by-hour and ten-day forecasts as well as the option to enlarge the radar or view it in motion. The Umbrella one did eventually load. You can, if you desire, make the five-day extended forecast show up at all times by changing the settings. Epson R Printer- To personalize my Dvds. Ok, There is a serious issue with the Widgets platform, that has been clearly stated before.

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Microsoft never told a word of truth since it came into existence. Next time you want to check the time, go outside and put a stick in the ground on your sundial. While the smallest display setting is of reasonable size, the medium setting is about two and half times as wide as The Weather Channel widget and about as tall. Please take a look at the following article. These options all direct you to the Weather.

The Four Best Weather Widgets For Windows 7

The Four Best Weather Widgets For Windows 7

Weather Widget - The Weather NetworkWeather Center

Weather Center

Not perfect, but at least I have one now. My vote is for Simply Weather. Please update this subject. So, some people may still want to run this widget.

Weather - Windows 7 Desktop Gadget

Its the same one listed here near the top of this webpage. Depending on what you want, however, that may be fine. Found a working link for the Weather Center listed above. Its actually a very nice weather gadget.

Any way to get my sun, clouds, rain, etc on that small widget? Please try to use the weather function in bing.

That works great too, and is a very small basic stripped down one. It also takes up the least overall desktop space while using the smaller display setting.

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These are far from the only weather widgets to choose from. If anyone has a fix for this please let me know.

That means you obtain the luxury of choice. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. But the other one works good.

BlackBerry Messenger Shuts Down. There are a few options about now. One won't obtain exact town on new laptop but did on old laptop.

Still working although, I would like to see an addon to AccuWeather's widget that allows for changing the size to match the size of the screen size. While a small number of people have the luxury of living in areas with a very stable climate, many of us live in areas where a sunny day can be lost to a thunderstorm in just a few minutes. They are, however, the only ones that I think are worth using.